Dogs should not blindly eat bones


Dogs are very fond of bones, but we feed the dog bones, which is also learned:

Let me talk about the benefits of eating bones.

1. Calcium supplement: This is a common saying. Although the dog actually supplements the calcium through the humeral head, there is very little calcium, but there is a certain amount of calcium supplementation. In fact, the calcium in the bone is difficult to be absorbed by the dog’s gastrointestinal tract and then directly absorbed, and most of it is excreted with the feces.

2. Cleansing: This benefit is positive. Because the dog rubs the surface of the tooth when it is in the humeral head, it has a good cleaning effect on its teeth. You don’t see the countryside or the place where we keep the dogs so delicate. The dogs’ teeth are often bright and white, because they often have the opportunity to smash big bones and eat hard food.

3, promote stool molding: after the dog eats the bone, the stool will be worse than usual. If your dog usually loves loose stools, try giving it a bone. But on the other hand, if the dog is already constipated, don’t feed the bones.

The disadvantages of eating bones, accurately speaking, are the disadvantages of feeding bones improperly. There are many, such as bone stabbing the mouth, digestive tract, large bones causing esophageal infarction, eating too much bone causing gastritis Gastroenteritis, sharp bone debris cause gastric perforation and so on.

So which bones can eat which bones are best not to eat, let me talk about it:

1, the long bones of birds do not feed: long bones refer to the legs and wings Longer bones. I remember that in the middle school biology class, the birds are hollow in order to reduce the weight of the flight, so the bones are prone to sharp bevels when they are broken, which is easy to puncture the dog’s mouth and esophagus, even if swallowed. It is also easy to stab the stomach, so don’t feed this type of bone.

2. Don’t feed the bones of the poultry neck: I originally thought that the bones were safe and would not be bruised, but later I saw from the book that these bones are easy to form a dog’s esophageal infarction, especially For a dog with a large body size, it is not easy to eat and swallow it. It is really troublesome to invade the esophagus. If you have to go to the hospital, you should be careful.

3, pig bones with bones or cattle and bones don’t feed: big bones with joints are best not to give shit, because the enthusiasm of the dog’s bones is known, there are ligaments at the joints, the dog is When you are licking, your teeth are easily embedded in the bones and cause the teeth to break.

The bones that can be fed to the dog: cooked or raw pigs, cows, and sheep’s big bones, and some books that say the raw bones for dog digestion and tooth care Good. But everyone knows that it is best not to give the dog raw meat or bones to avoid infection with parasites. So I think it’s better to cook the bones and feed them.

Tips: In addition, when the dog is licking the bones, we should pay attention to seeing it often, whether it hurts the gums, whether it is trying to swallow the small bones that have fallen from the big bones. There is no cockroach to eat the bones in the mouth to eat too long bones in the mouth, in general, observe, can not be taken lightly.

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