Learning and precautions for feeding dogs and vegetables

    The family who cooks for the dog should consider adding some vegetables to the dog, as well as the dog that eats raw food, and need to give the dog some vegetables to supplement the nutrition.

Is it really necessary to feed dogs to eat vegetables?

For dogs whose staple food is dog food, it is not necessary for the dog to eat vegetables to supplement the nutrients, because the dog food already has a balanced ratio of nutrients, not necessarily like a person. Just eat something to maintain your body’s nutritional balance. Of course, dogs that eat dog food also love to eat, some because dogs like the taste of a certain dish, some because they like the taste of a certain dish, and some just because they eat and play.

Which dogs need to eat some vegetables?

Families who cook for their dogs should consider adding some vegetables to their dogs, as well as dogs that eat raw food. They need to give the dogs some vegetables to supplement their nutrition, although we have said that dogs There is a function in the body that can synthesize VC ingredients in meat, but after all, not all vitamins and vitamins can be decomposed from meat, so if you are giving your dog a recipe, in order to make it Balanced nutrition, the heart of the fee is still quite a lot.

What dishes can a dog eat?

Most vegetable dogs can be eaten in small quantities, such as cabbage, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, etc. I think your dog may have tried it. .

Vegetables that are not suitable for dogs are very important and must be remembered!

Onion: Also called onion, the dog will get hemolytic anemia when eating, and even have a dog’s life. But if your dog eats a small piece of onion while eating pizza with you, it is estimated that it will not die immediately, but almost all books on the dog’s diet and medical books say dogs. Dogs are not suitable for eating onions, we should still pay full attention to it.

A lot of tomatoes: Some books say that tomatoes can cause paralysis and arrhythmia, but this problem is still to be debated because there are some high-quality dog ​​foods that contain tomatoes, and my dog ​​is very fond of eating West. Hung Hom, I haven’t seen any adverse reactions after eating two or three.In my opinion, it may be that I can’t eat a lot of Xihong. (personal opinion, for reference only)

Mushroom: The root cause of not allowing dogs to eat mushrooms is because they don’t want dogs to be familiar with and accept the smell of mushrooms, because some of the mushrooms are highly toxic in dogs. If the dog is out, the familiar smell or the things it is used to may be too close or ingested. It’s not that there is any bad reaction when we eat the mushroom dog.

Potato skins and sprouted potatoes: Of course you don’t want to feed the dogs, but the potatoes are usually placed on the cold ground, not in the refrigerator, the teeth The potatoes and potato skins are poisonous. We know that dogs don’t know. Potatoes like balls are placed in places that can be bitten. This is a tempting thing for dogs. It will be very interesting. Take the potatoes out and play them, then they will cause food poisoning. So take precautions and collect the potatoes well, don’t let your dog baby find out.

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