How to do small Teddy vomiting

As a senior Teddy dog parent, he must have seen vomiting in his life. We know that dogs are hungry and impatient, and once they eat too much, they will vomit. Of course, in addition to this, there are other reasons for Teddy’s vomiting. That Teddy is always the cause of vomiting, and what should I do when Teddy vomits?

First, parents You should learn to judge the cause of vomiting according to the vomit of the Teddy dog, and you should know whether the vomiting of the dog is serious, whether it needs to be sent to the hospital in time, or you can handle it at home.

1. If the vomit of the Teddy is mostly saliva, it means that the cause of the dog is likely to be in the esophagus. For example, foreign bodies in the esophagus (card roots, small bones, etc.). In addition, there may be congenital diseases of the heart & mdash; permanent right artery bow (of course, this has to go to the hospital for examination to know).

2. If the Teddy’s vomit is the food that has just been eaten, and the vomit is immediately returned after vomiting. This kind of situation is physiological vomiting. When a dog eats too much and is too violent, causing a burden on the stomach, the dog will have vomiting. This is generally normal, don’t worry, of course, you can also give the dog something to promote digestion in the stomach, such as Gudeng probiotics mixed with some yogurt to promote intestinal digestion.

3. If the vomit of the Teddy is a transparent or white substance, this is the gastric juice (gastric acid secreted by the stomach), usually caused by acute gastritis. In this case, the dog should first stop eating for 12 hours, take Gudeng probiotics for conditioning, one small packet a day, if the dog is still mad, then it is necessary to promptly send a doctor.

Fourth, if the vomit of the Teddy is yellow, green, and green, this means that the dog’s bile is spit out. The reason for this is in addition to problems such as liver, kidney and pancreas, as well as ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract. Once you find that the Teddy dog ​​vomits yellow, green and green things, then take it to the hospital for inspection.

PS: There is another situation that requires special attention. Of course, generally healthy and normal dogs will not have this problem. That is, if you find that the Teddy dog ​​has vomiting blood (whether it is a big mouth vomiting blood or vomiting some bloodshot), as a parent, you should take the Teddy dog ​​to the pet hospital for the first time. Don’t delay the time when the Teddy dog ​​sees a doctor for no reason, otherwise the consequences may be serious.

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