Have you considered these issues before raising a dog?


    Dogs are very cute, but there are some issues to consider before raising a dog.

1. Raising a dog is a trouble

A puppy is very cute, as fat as a toy, but it is definitely not a toy. It needs to eat and pull and pee. When you grow up, take it for a walk every day. Some friends asked me: What needs to be prepared for raising a dog? I told her that the most important thing to do is psychological preparation. Raising a dog means that you have to add a lot of things to your daily life. Feeding every day, cleaning up the urine and urination, and cleaning up the room will increase the workload. Dogs need to take vaccination every year and go to the hukou, not only in physical strength. Increase the complexity of your life, and also spend a lot of money. Dogs and children can get sick as well. Some dogs need to go to beauty regularly. Some body care you may only go to pet hospitals , etc. It is not a simple dog. Things, dogs are not like toys, not a matter of buying money to buy back.

2. Do you have the conditions to give your dog a healthy and happy life

Even if you are fully prepared, you can treat your dog with a very tolerant attitude, you need to think about it. Do you have the conditions to make your dog happy? Going home early and late every day, you are tired and half dead. When you return home and just want to lie down, the dog will become your life burden. Dogs who keep their own vacancies every day, I hope that you will go home, but you have no strength to play with it, the dog will be very sad. Small rooms, tight economic expenses, will also make the dog a burden, although the dog will not be too small, it will not taste bad, but the dog needs a relatively large amount of exercise and a healthy diet. It can be said that raising a dog also requires a certain economic foundation.

3. Does your family love dogs as much as you

If there are no problems with the above two items, you still need to consider this. Does anyone in the family dislike dogs or dogs? allergy. Because dogs are much shorter than people, but they are at least a dozen years old. If someone in the family doesn’t like dogs and you insist on raising them, raising dogs will affect your family’s harmony.Dogs can’t be a thing that makes family happy. Whether it is half-funded, it is impossible to raise a dog, or to drive a dog out of the house, you have caused the tragedy of a dog’s life. To know that the dog is the first owner of it, for the rest of its life, it will live but will miss you together; and driving the dog out of the house to make it a stray dog ​​is even more Things that cannot be forgiven.

4. Consider a dog that suits you

If you have considered the above items, then consider the dog that is suitable for you. Usually everyone will intuitively prefer a certain breed of dog. Few people want this dog to be suitable for raising in their own homes, such as dogs with large size, dogs that are difficult to care for, and easy to have some congenital diseases. Dogs and so on will make the dog more complicated, so the last thing to remind is to do your homework and choose a breed that is suitable for you before you really bring the dog home.

I am not stopping you from raising a dog, but I feel that if you are really a dog-loving person, you should regard raising a dog as an important thing to raise a child. Things, in the principle of being responsible for dogs. From the day the dog is taken home, treat it as a child, discover its progress and growth with appreciation, treat its mistake with a tolerant heart, give it a healthy and happy life, until it lives. The last day.

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