How to properly supplement the nutrition of dogs

The following are essential nutrients for keeping dogs:

Protein for constitutional development and recovery.

Carbohydrates for calorie supplementation.

Replenishes heat to protect the skin and the healthy fat of the coat.

Provides the vitamins and minerals needed for basic chemical reactions in the body.

The fibrous material required for normal digestion of the gastrointestinal tract.

Water is an indispensable ingredient in all parts of the body.

Practical experience has shown that the calories required for dogs during their various stages of growth are as follows:

puppies require 222 calories per kilogram

Adult dogs need 133 calories per kilogram of body weight

The old dog needs 56 calories per kilogram

The amount of food consumed by the dog varies according to age, exercise volume, environment, pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness and other factors. It should be noted that each dog’s digestive ability is different, do not have excessive bad habits, once you find that the dog is obese, you should immediately diet.

Food nutrition distribution of dogs

Dogs can eat the following foods, but each dog prefers the same food.

Meat: Meat is rich in phosphorus, but it is rich in phosphorus. Eating only lean meats lacks fat and produces malnutrition. Liver food should be controlled at 5% of all food.

Fish: Fish contain protein, minerals, and some contain fat. It is best to go to the big bones when eating.

Cheese: Cheese is rich in protein, fat and minerals. Some dogs are unable to digest lactose due to lack of acid in the body, so they may have diarrhea or vomiting. At this time, milk food should be fasted.

Cereals: Generally, cereals are made into biscuits, which are cheap sources of calories. It can replenish minerals and nutrients from several vitamins. In addition, cooked rice is also a good substitute.

Vegetables: Vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, turnips are suitable. Raw or cooked can be eaten. In addition, potatoes are also available.

Fruit:The dog itself can make vitamin C. If you like to eat some fruits, it is more healthy.

Egg: Eat cooked eggs. Because the raw egg white contains chemicals that neutralize vitamin B.

Other foods: Nuclear, edible seeds, honey, etc. are excellent supplementary foods.

In addition, if your dog has the habit of chewing grass or herbs, then spit it out, don’t limit this natural phenomenon. In fact, dogs do not have the habit of using bones to grind their teeth. The bones can cause constipation, indigestion, etc. It is best not to feed. However, foods such as large bones can be used for feeding.

Self-made meals

Whether it is food purchased from a dog food store or food prepared by yourself, attention should be paid to the balance of nutrition. Feeding with meat, leftovers, biscuits and other foods is a very economical dog food. The dog’s daily meat intake is 30 grams per kilogram of body weight; for adult dogs, it is 20 grams per kilogram. Remember that vitamins with nutrients may be destroyed after heating.

Canned Dog Food

Currently, there are two kinds of canned dog food: one is a meat can with very few carbohydrates, and the other is meat, carbohydrates, fat, A balanced set of dog foods with minerals and vitamins. The former is high-efficiency, convenient food, contains sterilized meat and adds vitamins and nutrients, but as a whole food, it should be added with biscuits or other supplementary foods.

Containing a full set of nutritional dog food, because it is prepared by the big food company according to nutritional needs, it is not necessary to add other supplements when eating.

Completely nutritious dry dog ​​food

Whether it is a granulated or biscuit-like dry dog ​​food, it is made up of meat and fish, plus carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. production. This type of dog food is the most economical and can be purchased and stored in advance. However, such dry dog ​​food cannot be made solely from cereals. At the same time, be sure to supply a large amount of water when feeding.

Semi-wet dog food with complete nutrition

Recently, the semi-wet dog food sold in the market is a high-tech product, which is a completely balanced dog food. The price is moderate but not easy. put.

What kind of food should I choose?

All kinds of dog food have their advantages, which can be changed at any time according to the dog’s taste. If you are used to an instrument and do not reflect it, continue to eat. Pay attention to the hygiene of the food tray when feeding. Be sure to insist on feeding the clean drinking water. It is best to feed twice a day. You can’t just consider nutrition and not diet. You should not feed for one hour before going to bed. If you feed very well in the morning and evening, it is not suitable for health.

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