How to raise a dog

Just arrived in a new environment, pet dog may be barking because of restlessness, especially when you turn off the lights at night. This time as a master, you should be prepared enough For the food and water, prepare a warm and comfortable nest or mat, put it on your soft old clothes, and place the nest on it where you can see it at any time (such as the bedside, the bedroom wall). Reduce its fear. If it is still called, don’t call you to turn on the light to comfort, comfort twice, and it will naturally be quiet after a few days.

Feeding problem. Puppies are usually fed 3 to 4 times a day. If it is a puppy within 1 and a half months, it is recommended that you feed the puppies with special milk powder (high price) or baby skim milk powder, baby pet dog rice noodles, oatmeal, cornmeal. Porridge, these things are easy to digest and the nutrients are more suitable for puppies. For puppies of more than 2 months, you can feed puppies and dogs, but you should soften them. In order to strengthen nutrition, you can feed some pets. Special nutritional products.


Puppies who have just arrived home can’t take a bath, especially if they don’t have a vaccine. If you feel dirty, you can wipe the body of the puppy with a towel and warm water. You can buy a pet-specific dry cleaning powder to dry the dog’s body (more suitable for long-haired dogs).

The problem of defecation just arrived at the puppy. In general, puppies will not be very consciously urinating, small babies will also pull urine? The same is true for puppies. At this time, the owner should adopt an inclusive attitude, prepare for training, and the dog is normal. The color of the stool is generally yellow or yellowish brown. There are also black or yellowish white mating. It is mainly related to the food to be eaten. It is moderately soft and hard. It is best to pick up the ground with your hand.

No matter how hot the weather is, dogs can’t blow air conditioners for a long time, especially for puppies. Try not to blow air conditioners, which is very easy to catch cold and induce disease. Even if you blow a fan, you shouldn’t blow the tuyere to the dog. When the weather is cold, be sure to keep warm.

Puppies that have not received vaccination within 3 months should not be taken out.

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