How to raise Teddy dog ​​cubs

Young Teddy cubs who have just bought home, it takes at least a week to take a bath, and it is necessary to vaccinate after 15 days. Do not bring Teddy to contact with their companions until immunization is completed. .

After 2 months of puppies, the antibodies from the mother have almost disappeared, and it is most susceptible to various viral diseases. Therefore, the most important thing is to vaccinate the vaccines such as canine distemper, canine parvovirus and infectious hepatitis. This will be prepared.

It is recommended to feed Teddy Teddy Dog food to meet the nutrients needed for Teddy’s growth. When feeding, it can be soaked in warm water, with a small amount of meals, one day 3 -4 times, each time feeding 80% full (20-35 tablets). Do not be full every time you feed, generally 7-8 points can be full.

Remember not to drink milk, eat chocolate, onions, sweet, salty, too hot and too cold food, ice cream is of course not acceptable, bones can not be fed, less liver and seafood.


Observe the color, smell and worm body of the puppies. The normal feces are strip-shaped, soft and hard, and slightly yellowish. However, it may also be affected by food, such as when eating meat or animal liver, the stool is generally black. The urine is pale yellow and clear and transparent. The first time in the morning, the urine will be darker. If the urine color is found to be deep, it is necessary to suspect that it is ill.

To make Teddy develop a good habit from a young age, if bad habits occur, correct it in time, and punish Teddy, you can start with a low voice, then use the newspaper to roll up and knock Teddy, try not to use your hands. Go straight to play.

Give Teddy a shower and take care not to catch cold. After washing, use Thair to blow dry Teddy completely. The damp hair will cause parasitic mites. Don’t think that you only need to keep warm in winter, and you need it in summer. Be careful not to let the puppies’ abdomen land for a long time, so it is easy to catch cold and cause diarrhea or a cold.

Going out of Teddy from a young age to avoid making Teddy too timid (preferably after all three shots have been taken).

More exposure to sunlight, when the sun is not very strong, when the outdoor temperature is not too high, you should bring more dogs outGoing to the sun, the sun is good for the growth of puppies.

You can be close to Teddy, but be careful to keep a degree and always maintain your status.


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