What are the benefits and disadvantages of raising a dog?

The benefits of raising a dog

There is a dog at home that can improve people’s life, nor does it mean that there is no fun when you don’t have a dog, and dogs can sometimes bring unexpected feelings. . For example, a dog’s cute action may make us laugh for a long time.

There is no need to say more about house guards. Dogs are the first to look after people. Moreover, the dog’s hearing and smell are much higher than people’s. If there is any emergency, the dog can reflect to the people in the first time, such as earthquakes.

can enhance the harmonious relationship between humans and animals. There are many people in this society who have lost their original self by various external things. If you have a dog at home, you can let your heart get a catharsis. The catharsis here is of course not a catharsis of violence. You can treat dogs. Say your troubles, the dog will kneel on your knees at this time, listen quietly, you will feel that whether you are successful or not, always have this loyal partner to accompany yourself.


The bad side of raising a dog

The dog’s temperament can’t be mastered from time to time, so some dogs will scream at any time, which will lead to Disturbing the people, if the handling is not good, the neighborhood relationship will go from bad to worse.

The health problem of dogs, there are many parasites on dogs. This is known to all of us. Some parasites are so strong that they can survive in human bodies. Of course, these can be avoided. The dog is excreted in one place. Wash hands thoroughly after touching the dog. Try not to touch the dog’s feces directly. Try not to touch the mouth when playing with the dog.

Some dog hair loss is very serious, of course, this is inevitable, especially the hair change period.

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