Pet dog feeding precautions

1. Neonatal period: 1-30 days

When the newborn dog is born, the puppies at this time need the care of the owner. Mainly relying on breast milk life, the body can not regulate body temperature, the mother dog needs heat insulation. 1-10 days without hearing and vision, looking for nipples only by weak touch. Blinking around the 13th, hearing became heard after 15 days, and long teeth began after 20 days. Starting from the 21st to the 28th, the amount of breast milk is not enough, and it needs to pass from liquid food to semi-solid food. This time it is easy to produce diarrhea and constipation, so be sure to feed lactase, probiotics, or give him goat milk / pet milk powder. As for constipation, when it comes to eating milk powder, you can feed vegetable oil in small amounts and massage the abdomen to help defecate. The first deworming began at 14-28 days of age.

2. Young age: January-February

The puppies’ digestive system is not yet fully developed. At this time, the owner’s care is required. Usually, feed at least 3 times a day, and eat less meals according to the dog’s own condition. Soak the dog food with warm water or goat’s milk powder, feed it bit by bit, don’t feed too much, otherwise the dog will not be easy to digest. Pay attention to the dog to drink boiled water, do not remember to feed milk, milk can cause diarrhea, you can give him a little probiotics every day to regulate the stomach. At this time, the puppies are poorly resistant to viruses and germs, and cannot be taken out of the door, and should not be contacted with cold patients to prevent the dog from getting sick. Immunization starts at 6-7 weeks old, and immunization ends at 3 months of age. Try to bathe him after the end of immunization. The pre-bath can be washed with dry cleaning powder. 19— starting at 28 days of age, all teeth grow at 2 months of age. Have a certain learning ability, you can start training to go to the toilet

3, young: March-June

At this time, the dog can slowly get rid of the blisters of dog food can eat some dry Dog food, this period should slowly adjust the time for dogs to eat, it is best to let the dog’s eating time regular. At this time, the dog still eats dog food and drinks boiled water. However, at this time, the dog’s skeletal muscles grow rapidly, requiring a lot of protein and calcium, and the coat is gradually replaced with the hair of the adult dog. And when the puppies have a desire to dominate, the puppies begin to try to own their own territory and dominate the owner. The destructive ability increases, at this time, the dog’s body length and body height develop rapidly, and the baby fattening place is withdrawn.It requires a moderate amount of exercise every day to maintain growth and development.


4. Sexual maturity: August-April

At this time, the dog entered sexual maturity and the first estrus appeared. The first estrus is prone to imbalance of hormone levels, causing estrus disorder. Continued estrus, no estrus, or false pregnancy with a low pregnancy rate, high difficulty in yield. Need to give him supplements to promote reproductive nutrients: vitamin E, organic chromium, folic acid, etc. must pay attention to the first estrus can not be matched, pay attention to the health of the estrus period to prevent infection, such as infertility can be sterilized after the end of estrus

5 Adolescent period: June-August

Now dogs can eat dry dog ​​food completely, or they can feed some meat to enrich their nutrition, such as cooked beef and chicken. However, be careful not to give the dog the bones of chickens and ducks, which can lead to poor bone development. If you really need it (dogs are malnourished, frail, picky, etc.), you can properly feed some nutrients. According to the actual situation of dogs, choose vitamin supplements, calcium, protein or nutrients to maintain hair. Don’t be greedy. Don’t add a lot of nutrients to your dog because you are distressed. At this time, the dog’s skeletal muscles grow rapidly and require a lot of protein and calcium. And curiosity, strong cognitive ability, and profound memory. It is the best time to study

6. Adult dogs: dogs aged 1 to 6 years old

Dogs are already adult when they are 1 year old, and they will grow up when they are almost one year old. The size of the body will not change much. At this stage, I still eat dog food normally. There is not too much taboo in the diet. But still pay attention to the right amount of nutritional supplements, do not feed chicken and duck bones, avoid salty and spicy food, feed cooked food without feeding cold food, avoid eating animal fat. If you have a cold or illness, you should send it to Pet Hospital for medical treatment. You must not use your own medicine blindly. Unless you are a veterinarian, you are responsible for your love.

7. Ageing: 8-18 years old

Dogs over 8 years old are already in their 50s according to human age, and should enter the age of “dogs”. . At this time, the function of each organ of the dog began to decline slowly, and the age of the disease appeared.Diseases, such as diabetes, liver and kidney function, bone and joint diseases, etc., prone to diabetes, liver and kidney disease, three high, fractures, joint inflammation and other diseases, so pay special attention to calcium supplements at this time. You can choose to eat more soy products and cartilage, or you can choose calcium supplements for dogs. More sun and more sun, usually pay more attention to hygiene, I believe that the dog will stay with you for a longer time.

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