German Shepherd can’t eat anything

1. Cold beer

With the German Shepherd “walk” & quo; a cup? Stop! Beer has a lot of harm to the German Shepherd, no harm at all, unless you want to die I only took the beer belly, took a small step, didn’t drink the chopsticks, and smoky the German shepherd dog all day. When you get home, it won’t welcome you like other vulgar German Shepherds, but look at you with a confusing look: “Don’t you, come here today, Qingdao or Yanjing?”

[123 2. Ice cream

Although most people can not resist the temptation of ice cream, but the German Shepherd does not eat ice cream. Eating ice cream on the German Shepherd in the three days can help the German Shepherd to lower the body temperature, but the ice cream can eat more than the German Shepherd’s stomach can not stand. How to control this degree? The practice is: after eating ice cream, let the German Shepherd lick the box.


3. Iced drinks

Iced drinks are not a bit of a drink for the German Shepherd. The key is one degree. The German shepherd’s cool summer stimulating gastrointestinal tract can cause digestive diseases, and it seems that it is really impossible to cope with it.

4. Watermelon

As the saying goes, “It’s delicious but dumplings”, it’s winter. In the summer, this saying should be changed to “good watermelon but” watermelon, rdquo;, German Shepherd Eat some watermelon in moderation to eliminate heat, so if you eat too much, prepare the toilet paper!

5. Iced yogurt

Milk is the most perfect food, yogurt is not only good taste, but also The nutritional value is also higher, iced yogurt is the temptation to stop in the summer. If the German Shepherd, who doesn’t drink milk on weekdays, holds a yogurt jar and drinks enough, then it will pull in the bathroom, because the enzymes that digest the milk in the intestines will increase through stimulation. To drink milk, you must also proceed step by step.

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