What is the reason for Kirk’s tail?

First: Survival needs

The Corgi were first used to serve the herd. When a cow is not obedient, they bite the ankle of the cow. At this time, the cow will feel pain and will step on it. In order to prevent Keji’s tail from being trampled by the cow, the Corgi can be cut off by the cows. Gradually, Keji became a pet dog, but this custom remains unchanged.

The second type: confuse the enemy and protect yourself


When the dog encounters an enemy, the tail is particularly easy to expose his identity, then his own The danger will increase greatly. Seriously, you may lose your life, so the tail is good for dogs to hide themselves and confuse the enemy. To know when a dog is fighting, the tail can be sold out, whether it is afraid or ready, or something else. After the break, it will hide some psychological emotions. This may be the reason for the dog’s tailing in history.

Third: For the sake of beauty

Yes, you are not mistaken, many dogs are broken to make themselves look better and more in line with people’s aesthetics. This reason may sound a bit far-fetched, but it is not. For the sake of beauty and spirit, there are some varieties of their tails that are purely aesthetically pleasing, making the overall proportion more in line with our human aesthetics. This is something that many people can’t understand. Now there are a lot of dogs saying goodbye to the original work. If the purpose of the tail is only for the needs of the shape, then the tail is an inhuman behavior, and there is a lot of controversy.

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