How can the Huskies be obedient?

First, if you encounter a disobedient Husky , parents must strictly stop its behavior.

The voice of reprimand should be serious, and the tone is higher and sharper. Say to Xiaoha “NO” or “No”. If necessary, you can punish. Of course, the punishment is not really abusive. It is only through punishment to achieve the purpose of threatening and warning to Xiaoha, letting it understand that its behavior makes the owner very angry. Its disobedience is not Allowed.


Second, in the face of stubborn and arrogant Xiaoha, parents may need to take mandatory measures to make it obedient.

The owner can use mechanical stimulation and deterrence passwords to let Xiaoha stop its disobedient behavior. At the same time, by pulling back the traction rope, pressing, tapping and other acts, it is forced to stop Xiaoha’s behavior, so that it can become quiet and obey the master’s orders.

Third, when the Huskies listen to the master’s reprimand to stop its behavior, quietly staying in place, the owner can give it some touches, praises and food rewards.

Let it know that the consequences of "as" and “not acting" are quite different. This will stimulate it to stop making disobedient behaviors next time, and gradually adjust Xiaoha to become a well-behaved dog.

It should be noted that when dealing with Xiaoha’s disobedience, the owner’s attitude should be clear and there is a minimum bottom line. In the face of Xiaoha, the rewards and punishments should be clear and timely. At the same time, it is necessary to give Xiaoha enough respect and understanding, to establish a relationship with the Husky and friends, so that Xiaoha can completely obey his own instructions and become well-behaved.

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