How to cut the schnauzer shape

First of all, Schnauzer’s standard beard must be kept. Don’t cut it with a pair of scissors when trimming. The hair in the dog’s mouth should be slowly and slightly modified to cut out a bearded shape. When trimming the hair of Schnauzer’s head, it should be trimmed slightly shorter and cannot be allowed to grow naturally. 雪纳瑞造型怎么剪

Secondly, the hair between the cheeks and the mouth of the schnauzer should be trimmed slightly shorter; the hair, cheeks, and jaws of the muzzle should be trimmed moderately, so that the whole snow should be made It looks beautiful and symmetrical; the hair in the ear of the snow is also trimmed shorter. It should be noted that the hair on the outside and around the ear shell of the dog should be trimmed shorter and more neatly. The hair around the eyes also needs to be trimmed. Be careful when trimming the schnauzer eyebrows, don’t cut it into beautiful eyelashes. At the same time, be sure to stabilize Schneider’s body and head, do not stab its eyes or skin.

Third, after Schnauzer’s entire head is trimmed, it should be the body. Start with the chest, then the back, the sides of the body, the abdomen, the hips, the limbs, and finally the tail. When trimming the hair on the neck and back of Schnauzer, pay attention to the fact that the trimming is not long or short, so that the whole back and the neck are naturally connected, and it looks like a whole shape. The hair of the schnauzer’s chest and front neck should start from the back in the order of the hair, and trim to the left and right. Schnauzer’s hair from the back to the chest should be kept longer and trimmed in the direction of the back of the body; the coat at the waist should be trimmed shorter than the chest; the hair of the ankle should be cut very short. The hair below the tail to the buttocks should be cut neatly to make the Schnauzer look cleaner and beautiful.

PS, pay attention when trimming the schnauzer’s toenail. Regardless of the overall shape of the dog, the hair on the toenail must be thoroughly trimmed. Also, the hair on the buttocks can be trimmed as much as possible, so as to prevent the dog from being contaminated with some feces or dirt, which can better keep the snow body clean and make it look more refreshing.

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