Dogs need to know

    1- vaccination, deworming and calcium supplementation, don’t bring it out before vaccination
    2- must use dog food (divided puppies) Adult dog, according to the size of the dog food, 3 meals a day or 2 meals a day (3 meals under 1 year old)
    3- Bathing cycle is 2 weeks, too small dog and vaccine You can’t take a bath in the week before and after, and you should blow it dry after bathing.
    4- If you are a puppies, don’t let him go too far when you take it out, it may cause bone deformation!
    5-Prepare toys and molars for dogs
    6-Change the water to the dog every day and keep the supply adequate!
    7-Prepare a warm nest and some essential daily necessities, such as: air duct, comb, ear drops, dog nail clippers, etc.
  &nbsp 8 – When the dog is in the new home, try to sleep in the same room as you, so that he can adapt to the environment
    9- often play with him, take him out, don’t play dogs, When correcting dog errors, often severe reprimands are more effective than hitting
   10 except for dog food and water! Don’t just give dogs a dog to eat or drink. Our human food and drinks
    11-Look at the book about dogs and talk with dog friends, try to master the knowledge of dogs as much as possible! This is very important
    12-Look for a good reputation Pet Hospital Prepare for the dog’s health escort
    13-You may not When you want to keep your dog alone at home, let the toy or the clothes you don’t want to accompany him. Because of your smell, he will be much quieter
    14-[ 123] Training dog WC fixed point, you can also use special inducer!     15- The whole life of a dog is you, and your whole life is not only a dog! Learn to respect life and respect dogs! ! ! !

    In short: raising a dog, you need to give love, patience, energy, time and money! ! !


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