How to feed a dog


    Solid Drug Feeding Method
    1. Command the puppy to sit down (if it is enough).
    2. Hold the capsule or the pill with the index finger and thumb of one hand, grasp the mouth of the puppy with the hand of the other hand, insert the thumb into the mouth of the dog’s upper teeth and enter the mouth, forcing the puppy to Open your mouth.
    3. Use the third, fourth, and fifth fingers of the hand holding the medicine to press the incisors (lower incisors) of the animal and place the capsule or tablet on the base of the animal.
    4. Withdraw the hand from the puppy’s mouth and quickly close the puppy’s mouth, then lift the dog’s head up slightly and gently stroke the dog’s neck down. You can also try to blow your mouth to the puppy’s nose, which will cause the puppy to respond swallowing.
    5. Release your hand and prove that the drug has been eaten when the puppy’s tongue licks his nose.

    How to Feed Liquid Drugs
    1. Load liquid medicine into a syringe, vial or spoon.
    2. Use your index finger and thumb to reach into the dog’s cheek (the part between the lips and the teeth) and gently pull the upper side of the mouth to form a nest at the corner of the mouth.
    3. Pour the liquid into the nest and give it to a small portion at a time (if the syringe is inserted directly into the area between the tooth and the tooth).
    4. Slowly administer (this must be noted, give it slow, with the rhythm of his swallowing, be careful not to squat).

    Tips: Urgent handling of puppies!
    Once you find that the puppy has been picked up, immediately lift the puppy up, rush down and gently pat the back of the puppy. The puppy will usually cough up the sputum, but It should be noted thatOnce the puppy is severely suffocated, it will immediately suffocate and it will be too late to be sent to the hospital, so be sure to pay attention when feeding the medicine!

    Advice for dog owners:
    The first successful:
    The first time Experience will always affect the dog’s attitude towards taking medicine, so don’t leave a painful impression on the puppy. Try to hide the tablet in the things it loves, such as a small ham, if it is smooth, the puppy There will be no warning about taking medicine, and you can use it in the future.
    Once the puppy refuses to eat the “sugar-coated cannonball”, it should be taken off the ground. When it has not reacted, use the above method to feed the tablet and give it a reward to let it know after the medicine is administered. There will be good things, you must not carry the “sugar-coated shells” to chase it, it will make it more objectionable.

   The production of “sugar-coated shells” is still very particular. Don’t simply mix the medicines in dog food, so dogs tend to Pick out the medicine, the best “sugar-coated shell” texture should be convenient to hide the pill, the size of the dog can not be chewed, it is appropriate to swallow.
Recommended: ham, chicken liver.

    Excellent reward:
    The scent-sensitive dog is very sensitive to the taste of the pill, and if it is iron-hearted, no matter how you hide it, It will find your “disorder”, so it is the most fundamental way to let it not take medicine. After the medicine, the generous reward is indispensable. Kiss and hug and order something delicious, so it is not so difficult to take medicine.

    Resolute attitude:
    The puppy is the most knowledgeable, and once it has a chance, it will not let go, so give When a puppy takes medicine, it must not let it feel that it can escape. The owner must tell himself from the bottom of his heart that it must take medicine today.

    “Violence” solution:
    For a dog that is really disobedient, for its health, it is inevitable to force it to take medicine. First, hold the dog tightly on both legs. When doing so, pay attention to the dog’s shoulders and make sure the dog can’t escape. The next steps are the same as before: Open your mouth and place the pill on the dog’s tongue until the dog swallows the medicine.

    When the stubborn dog owner can’t cope with it, he can find someone to help, and the cooperation of the two people will make it relatively easy to feed.

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