Management misunderstanding of dogs and related diseases


A large amount of meat and liver are harmful to dogs

In recent years, many people have spent money to buy large quantities of cooked meat or sausage for dogs, or to buy chicken. Pig liver, cooked and fed with dogs, does not feed other foods, so that dogs gradually develop bad habits other than meat and

liver, other foods do not eat. In addition, urban dogs are mostly indoors, rarely sun or outdoor activities, so the dog has osteoporosis (adult) or rickets (young) increased

, can also cause vitamin A and Vitamin D poisoning. After suffering from osteomal and rickets, the dog looks healthy on the outside, but with the development of osteomala or rickets, the gastrointestinal function is weakened, the activity is reduced

, and the stool is dry. Severe young animals are sunken in the waist, the pelvic cavity becomes narrow, and constipation often occurs. After the female bitch is born, it is prone to calcium deficiency after production. Why do you use pure meat or liver

to feed dogs, can bone softness or rickets? It is more calcium and phosphorus in meat and liver. The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in normal dog food is 1.2-1.4:1 for dogs, 0.9-1.1:1

for cats, and the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in raw lean meat is 1:10~ 32.5, fresh liver is 1:36, which is much different than the normal calcium and phosphorus ratio required by dogs. Therefore, osteomal or rickets are prone to occur


If a dog is used to eating meat or liver and suddenly changes to other foods, they will refuse to eat. In order to keep the dog still eating, you can also feed the meat or liver, but every 100g of meat or liver

is dirty, you need to add 0.5g calcium carbonate or 5g bone powder, and constantly change its meat or liver. Bad habits. Change method: gradually increase the amount of new food in 10 days. At the same time, reduce the amount of meat and liver

until the new food is completely fed.

2 It is wrong to feed dogs with liver and carrots for a long time

Many dog ​​owners, especially dog ​​owners, only feed the dog liver and chopped carrots for a long time, and Individual owners believe that liver and chopped carrots are the best food for dogs. We know

, liverDirty contains a lot of vitamins A and D. Carrots contain a lot of β-carotene. One β-carotene molecule can be broken down into two vitamin A molecules in dogs. This way, dogs are fed with liver and carrots

. More likely to cause vitamin A poisoning. There are only cats in mammals that cannot convert beta-carotene into vitamin A. Therefore, it is okay to feed the cat with carrots. Feeding the dogs and cats with the liver and carrots

is wrong.

3 Dogs can’t feed bones too much

Dogs love to eat bones. It is common in many cases to eat bones after eating pork ribs, or to eat the remaining bones of the meat. Constipation occurs after the dog consumes a large amount of bone. Therefore, dogs can not be fed with large

bones at a time, and the bones can be divided into small portions for feeding. Small bones of chickens and ducks cannot be fed to dogs to prevent punctures or stuck in the digestive tract.

4 It is not good to bathe dogs with shampoos for adults

Bathe the shampoo with adults and take more baths. Such dogs, especially white dogs, are washed off by the hair and the skin turns pink. Adult shampoo alkaline

is large, can clean the oil on the dog’s skin very clean. As we all know, the sebaceous glands on the skin secrete oil to protect the skin and prevent chapped. If the oil is washed away and the skin resistance is reduced

, it is susceptible to bacterial, fungal or spastic skin diseases. Bathing the dog, it is best to use a dog to bathe shampoo. If you can’t buy it, use a baby shampoo or a neutral soap and soap.

How long it takes to take a bath for a dog. When a dog is dirty or has an unusual smell, it should be taken. The baby dog ​​can take a bath 2 weeks after the vaccine. The number of baths in summer can be more, every 2 to 4

weeks, or even a bath once a week. When it’s dirty sometimes, wipe it with a towel and wipe it off. It is strictly forbidden to pour water into the ear during bathing to prevent otitis media.

    5 The importance of timely dog ​​prevention. Clinically, the problems caused by injection of dog vaccine are:

a) The owner takes the dog to the animal hospital Vaccination, doctor does notThe animals are examined and an injection is made.

Some animals are healthy on the surface and are actually potentially ill. After vaccination, they soon become ill and some even cause death. Therefore, veterinarians must carry out a health check before vaccinating dogs. For dogs with higher or weaker body temperature, do not vaccinate them, and then inject them after the disease is good or strong.

b) Dogs that have just been purchased, especially dogs that have just been purchased from the market, should not be vaccinated immediately because they may be infected with the diseased dog.

Vaccines are generally attenuated or deadly, and injections into infected dogs often lead to acute morbidity. The solution can be to inject prophylactic serum first, and the prevention of serum generally has 2 weeks of immunity. Two weeks later
, after the dog body is strong and adapted to the new environment, vaccination is carried out.

c) Dogs that are less than the age of vaccine vaccination cannot be vaccinated.

Generally puppies are vaccinated at 42 days of age or older. For dogs smaller than the above age, the antibodies obtained from breast milk have not disappeared. At this time, the vaccine, the vaccine and the antibody act, so that the injected vaccine loses its preventive effect. More than the above age, the vaccine was injected, and many dogs died due to infection before the injection. Veterinary vaccination must be carried out according to the age of the vaccine and the injection procedure.


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