Notes for Dogs in Summer

    The air is humid and the climate is hot. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention, moisture prevention and food poisoning. In an environment with high temperature and high humidity, dogs are prone to heat stroke due to difficulty in dissipating body heat. To this end, you should avoid activities under the scorching sun. The kennel should be kept in a cool place. In hot weather, you should often take a cold bath for the dog. If the dog is found to have difficulty breathing, increased skin temperature, and rapid heartbeat, he should quickly apply the cold cold towel to the head, move to a cool, ventilated place, and immediately ask the veterinarian for treatment. In order to prevent moisture, it is necessary to change frequently, diligently insult, etc. After washing the kennel with water, it must be thoroughly dried before entering the dog. The dog after being wetted by rain should be dried in a towel.

   Summer dogs’ feeds are prone to filial piety and deterioration, which may cause food poisoning. Therefore, it is best to feed the dog’s food with fresh food that is kept cool after heat treatment. The feeding amount should be appropriate and there should be no surplus. It is necessary to resolutely lose food that has been filthy and filthy, and not be afraid to waste and use it. Because spoiled foods may contain bacterial toxins, they cannot be destroyed even at high temperatures. Dogs eat foods that contain toxins, which can cause food poisoning. If treatment is not timely, they will die. Therefore, shortly after feeding, if the dog is found to have vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of systemic weakness, the veterinarian should be promptly consulted.

    High temperature in summer, prone to loss of appetite, at this time should reduce meat, increase fresh vegetables and broth or appropriate changes in feed types, more water. In addition, always pay attention to cleaning the eyes and ears to prevent skin eczema.

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