How to feed the dog scientifically

    People who have never been exposed to dogs, the first question is what to feed the dog? How to feed? In the past, dog food was not listed, so most of the main people used leftovers, or chicken, chicken neck, etc. to feed the dog, saving money but trouble. Nowadays, regardless of domestic or imported dog food, the price is popular and very convenient.
1. Types of dog food:
Dog food mainly includes dry food and canned food, and the other is snack biscuits, deodorant biscuits, beef jerky and so on. The main nutrients of various brands are similar. The price is high, and there are special food formulas. For different ages and varieties, there are different considerations, which can be compared in advance.
According to the age of growth, let the dog eat the dog food that suits it. Puppies eat puppies, adult dogs eat adult dogs, old dogs eat old dogs, fat dogs eat fat dogs, do not confuse, lest too fat or too thin. The nutrient content of dry food is relatively stable, average, and the dog is chewing. It can clean the calculus and relieve itching. However, if there is a problem with the joint stone, try to avoid eating dry food, unless it is a prescription feed for stones. Canned foods vary in price and nutrition. High-priced, using better materials; low-cost cans, most of them are many un-crushed internal organs, the advantage is that vitamin components are not easy to lose, palatability is better. The disadvantage is that there are many meats, and the smell in the bowel movement is thicker. It is easy to eat long calculus after eating for a long time.
Dry food is not as good as canned food, but it is easy to digest and absorb, and the bowel movement is not so stinky. Snacks can be used for life training and this training, when the dog does the right prize. People do not often eat the snacks, it is easy to break its appetite. Chewing gum, ice cream, and cakes are less susceptible to desserts. On the one hand, they are easy to fangs and nausea, and on the other hand, they are easy to gain weight. After eating too much dessert, the biggest problem is that the dog has no appetite for dinner.
2. Different types of dogs have different weights:
When a puppy is born, eat breast milk; when weaning, we can start feeding its liquid food, and the canned meat is warmed and boiled into a paste. Or the puppies dry food is heated and blistered. When you are two months old, you can start eating puppies and dogs.
Large dogs are big and grow fast. They can add some calcium powder and other nutrients to the dinner, but they must be taken according to the doctor’s instructions and instructions. Some people raise large fighting dogs and like to feed them with raw meat and let them get used to it.Bloody, this is very dangerous; because uncooked meat is not too hygienic, and after eating raw meat, when the owner forgets to feed or abandon, it may endanger people. Many dogs attack people’s events, and this is why.
3. Number and timing of feeding:
The number of feedings per day is roughly as follows:
After weaning to three months old: three to four times
three to six months old: two to three times [ 123] Six months to one year old: Two times
One year old or older: One to two times
The feeding time can match your work schedule, but it is not good to feed, but also consider adding after meals. Hyena and big, urination, clear pots, time to wash dishes. Wash the bowl immediately after a meal, so that the residue will attract rats, cockroaches, ants, or too much food left to be spoiled by the sun and rain. At the same time, take off the bowl, lest it be boring and play with the bowl and even bite. As for how much to feed, usually follow the instructions and then adjust according to whether there is any remaining food.
4. Considerations for buying imported food:
Buy food and try to find Chinese instructions. Because the canned dry food that crosses the ocean may exceed the expiration date, if there is odor, mold, moisture, and long worms, immediately ask the boss to return, you are welcome. After opening, it must be properly preserved, the cans should be placed in the refrigerator, and the dry food should be sealed.
Buy for the first time, don’t buy too much, buy two or three in small quantities, and see the reaction after the puppy has eaten; including palatability, degree of digestion and absorption, and shape of excrement. Each variety says that its products are the best, cheap and big bowls, so please consult a doctor and experienced people.
5. How much is appropriate to eat
Give the dog a meal as long as seven minutes is full, don’t overdo it, let it smash the bowl and smug it; eat too much and eat and jump after the meal, it is easy to be intact Spit it out. Pups kept in cages all year round, eating is their rare entertainment, so they will be like a hungry block, don’t be fooled by them, thinking that they are really hungry. But always eat enough, the amount of activity is not big, the dog is not good excretion, may be really sick, it is best to take it to see a doctor.
When you want to change food for a dog, don’t change it all at once. Try half a new food every time, try two or three days, gradually increase the new weight, and then use the new one after a week. So the dog’s digestive system can adapt, otherwise it is easy to squat.
Many people think that the dog is going to lick the bones. In fact, the humeral head is easy to block the dog’s intestines, making it constipated, causing vomiting and poor appetite. Especially chicken bones are indispensable, because they are small and brittle, it is easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the bones.
When feeding, it must be given plenty of water at the same time, without having to use distilled water or boiling water, their stomach does not care. These ones. In short, when timing, quantification, and feeding, the puppy is happy and the whole family is happy.

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