How to choose a dog feed


    Dog feed selection depends on the age and type of the dog. In addition, the dog owner should also pay attention to the component of the dog feed package for the dog feed selection. Because the dog feed is made by the manufacturer according to the nutrients required by the dog’s body, the dog owner does not need to spend too much time preparing the feed for the dog, but the feeding must be given more care. The dog’s feed can be divided into different types according to the age of the dog: canine milk, milk for pigs, feed for puppies, fat dogs for body condition, pregnancy, breast dogs, old dogs, There are many kinds of sick dogs and so on. Sometimes dogs can get fed with a variety of dog foods if they are tired of eating a feed.

    According to the dog feed materials can be divided into the following:

    Soft type: water is 30 to 35 parts per 100, The meat quality is the center, although the price is slightly higher, but in terms of dog preference, it is easier to eat than the dry type. Because it is soft, it can also be used as a milk-free food. Compared with dryness, it is slightly lower in nutrition.

    Canned type: 75 parts of water, divided into beef, pig, chicken and other meat pieces, or liver, chicken head, etc. The meat canned type, and the complete type of food like a dry type, and the dog’s favorite is meat, but the price is high, and it is not easy to preserve after opening the can.

    Dry type: water is less than 10%, so in terms of preservation, it is better than the other two, and the price is low, plus the hardness is suitable for the teeth. The health is the mainstream of the feed; there is no need to supplement the nutrition, but the water is less, so fresh water should be available at any time.

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