Are you feeding the dog to eat leftovers?

  Does your dog eat leftovers? Is it to eat every day, or to eat occasionally, or not to eat at all?

The salt content of the food eaten by people is too high

Everyone knows that dogs can’t eat more salt. The food they eat is made according to people’s tastes, and the leftovers and meals are sure. It contains too much salt for dogs. If you give the dog a long time, it will cause problems such as hair loss.

Dogs eat leftovers and leftovers, nutrition is uneven and unscientific, and easy to get sick

People eat a lot of things, such as fruits, snacks, and drinks, in addition to eating and eating. Many different kinds of drinks, etc., the nutrition from the dinner is very limited, and these things help us to supplement other nutrients. Dogs and dogs are different. Every day, except for eating, they don’t eat anything else. Drinking water is just drinking white water. So if you let the dog eat only leftovers every day, you may get sick because of the imbalance of nutrition. Malnutrition can also cause obesity in dogs.

Leftovers or leftovers are broken, causing gastrointestinal problems in dogs

Dogs do not eat slowly when eating, especially a hungry dog, if food Deterioration will not hesitate to eat light. It is easy to have this problem with the leftovers left over from the dog. Especially in the summer, the food is prone to deterioration. When the dog eats the spoiled food, the gastroenteritis occurs, and in severe cases, the food is poisoned or even died.

Eating leftovers is not good for dog’s teeth

Hard dog food is good for dog teeth, which I have always said. Leftovers are soft, and it is impossible to rub the surface of the teeth during the dog’s eating process. A large amount of food residue will remain on the surface of the dog’s teeth, forming tartar and dangerous teeth.

So, in general, if you love dogs, don’t just give the dog leftovers and leftovers for a long time. The dog’s healthiest food is still dog food, especially dog ​​dry food. Dogs in different situations have different types of dog food to choose from, not only balanced nutrition, but also good for teeth. Still give dogs food for dogs!

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