Six misunderstandings of dog breeding

    舔 lips are indicative of intimacy

    The enthusiastic dog sees the owner and always takes the initiative to rush to kiss, the dog licks your lips really is Is it intimate? Then you are wrong!

    Actually: dogs and dogs are pleading for food, the earliest wild dogs are parents who return to the nest after eating the food. Then spit out from his mouth and give it to the puppy. The puppy who can pick up the parent’s mouth will get the food first.

    Dog Protection Master

    When walking, often baby likes to take the lead and walk in front of the owner, the host often thinks this is a dog I want to protect myself, and this is just a misunderstanding.

    Actually: the dog’s own choice of walking route indicates that it does not take the owner seriously. The well-behaved dog should go with the owner instead of walking in front or behind. Willing to go.

    The bad habits of dogs are inherited from their parents

    Some bad habits of dogs can’t be changed, is this because Are these habits inherited from parents?

    Actually: This is also a misunderstanding. It is important that the dog’s innate character is important, but whether the acquired education is correct or not is an important issue that cannot be ignored. If you love dogs and do not train, the dog with the best character will become a mischievous naughty bag.

   The improper way of education can also make the dog’s bad habits worse!

    Dogs should eat more meat

    Dogs are carnivorous animals. It is a matter of course to eat meat. It is good to eat more meat. And this is just your wishful thinking.

&nbSp;   Actually: In order to adapt to human habits, dogs have long been characterized by omnivores, and the whole meat diet is no longer suitable for their stomach. Therefore, giving the dog too much meat will make it fat, bad breath, and may also cause pancreatic inflammation due to excessive intake of oil.

    Dogs are retaliating everywhere

    Dogs always pull around when no one is at home, this is revenge on me Is it cold?

    Actually: In fact, for dogs, excretion is only a normal phenomenon, it will not treat such a thing as revenge, but it feels lonely and uneasy, it will come to mind Use the excretion to make the room more of your own smell. Be patient and slowly teach the dog to learn to order excretion.

    Dogs are happy to shake their tails

    My baby sees me always keeps shaking my tail, which shows that it is always very happy , very friendly?

    Actually, dogs don’t just wag their tails when they are happy. If its tail rises high and swings gently, it is actually saying that it feels noble and defending its dignity. It is only close to the owner if it swings its hips sharply.

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